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The NEW "Say Uncle" Sandwich

Uncle Jarrol's BBQ Restaurant launches new sandwiches on the menu

Good things take time and after 4 years in business we've decided to kick things up a notch and unleash some NEW Menu items.  During the month of July, we will be unveiling a new menu item each week.

Starting on 7/7/2020

Week 1- The "Say Uncle" Sandwich

If you love our food you won't know what hit you with this delicious blend of UJ favorites!  Delicious house smoked brisket, famous bacon, pulled pork, and onion piled on a baked artisan Philly bun, drizzled with our special mayo blend. Pickles on the side.

Week 2- The "Baby T" Chicken Sandwich

First off-there's nothing baby about this sandwich.  Smoked chicken, house smoked bacon, and fresh onion piled on a baked artisan Philly bun, drizzled in our sweet and spicy BBQ and white gold BBQ sauce. Pickles on the side.

Week 3- The Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich

If you like the nachos, you will love this sandwich! Pulled pork, coleslaw, and onions drizzled with our out of this world carolina mustard sauce served on a baked artisan Philly bun.  Pickles on the side.

Week 4- Jacked up Brisket

If you love brisket and you love a bit of heat this one's for you!  House sliced brisket, onion, and jalapeno, drizzled with nacho cheese, and our house maple bourbon BBQ sauce. All piled on a baked artisan Philly bun.  Pickles on the side.

Make any sandwich a meal for only +$2.00

Last Updated Friday, July 03, 2020