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Tastee Treet Drive-Inn started as Brogren's Dairy Treet in March of 1949. The classic drive-in is well loved for its ice cream treats, but its real claim to fame is the delicious Tastee Beef and Tastee Cheese sandwiches!

Tastee Treet has been serving old-fashioned drive-in sandwiches and ice cream for over 70 years. The classic signature menu items are the Tastee Beef, Tastee Cheese or Tastee Dog. Don't forget to order a side of gems! You can't get anything like it anywhere else! And, the best part, you will be pleasantly surprised with a great price and a generous serving. Tastee Treat is worth a stop for soft serve ice cream. We have many original flavors and some new flavors too! On a hot day in the summer, there is nothing like treating yourself to some ice cream or a classic menu item and ice cold beverages are also available.

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