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J Guns and Ammo strives to provide the best variety of firearms, ammo, gun cleaning and storage products in Norfolk, Nebraska.

We take pride in our large selection of firearms and ammunition at the most affordable prices. We will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have about any of the firearms or firearm accessories we offer.

J Guns and Ammo opened our gun store in September, 2015. The gun and ammo store is located at 1501 Square Turn Blvd. in Norfolk, Nebraska. We carry a wide selection of both new and used firearms. We carry many brands of guns including Glock, Ruger, Sig, Beretta, Springfield and Smith & Wesson to FN, Kahr, H&K and Colt. You name it, we have it or can get it!!

J Guns and Ammo is proud to have a full line of firearms, ammunition, cleaning and gun storage products for all of your sports and shooting recreation needs. We are located in the same building as Jorgensen's Rod Shop & Upholstery.

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